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Are You Eligible for Coverage?

  • You must operate within the legal requirements for your state
  • You must care for 1-18 children in your home
  • You cannot allow the children in your care to utilize any on-premises swimming facilities (other than an 18 inch plastic wading pool). The swimming facility must be fenced on all four sides with self-locking gate
  • You must not own any of the following breeds of dog:
    Pit Bull
    Mastiff Breeds
    Mixed breed where dominant breed is one of any above

Conditions and Exclusions

  • This site is intended to be a general description of coverage and is not intended to amend or alter the terms of the policy
  • This policy excludes coverage for any swimming exposures except 18 inch plastic wading pools. All other swimming facilities must be fenced with a self-locking gate or other approved device
  • This policy excludes coverage for claims arising from motorized equipment and trampolines
  • Coverage for liability claims due to animals is excluded
  • Animals must be kept separate from children at all times
  • This policy contains exclusions and limitations, which impact the coverage provided. Please review the policy carefully