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In-Home Childcare Insurance

That Works for You!

Get Coverage That Most Homeowner's Policies Do Not Provide!

We cover what homeowner's policies exclude! The typical homeowner's policy provides liability coverage for personal exposures only. Therefore, your in-home child care business is excluded. AFDS provides coverage not only for most of your normal liability exposures, but also for allegations of sexual abuse.

  • Liability Protection for Your Child Care Business -
    The standard homeowner's policy (HO-3) excludes liability coverage for family day care activities so if you were to be sued based on your in-home child care business your assets could be at risk! Get the most comprehensive liability coverage for your in-home child care business with us.
  • Protection Against Abuse and Sexual Abuse Claims* -
    If a case of molestation or sexual abuse is found to be true as a result of your in-home day care our coverage will step in and cover monetary judgment against your business.
  • Legal Defense Protection Included -
    Your coverage will also include legal defense services in the event you are sued by the injured party.
  • Affordable Premiums with Financing Options -
    We've tailored our program to fit within your budget. Our flexible payment options as well as affordable premiums allow you to get the most out of your policy. Click on Get a Quote or Apply Now and see how affordable AFDS in-home child care insurance really is!
  • Variety of Limits Available* -
    Whether you're caring for 1 child or 18 children we've provided different coverage limits to meet your needs. Click on Get a Quote or Apply Now and see what limits are available to you!
  • Peace of mind -
    Have total peace of mind when you sign up with us for your in-home child care business.

* Click on Coverage Details to see the limits of coverage